Should Students Follow Fashion?


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Fashion does not merely means costumes or electronic products etc. It can also means new way of thinking and acting. To some extent, following fashion contributes to students' creativity.
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No, there are some reasons:

1.Trends don’t last

You know that awkward moment when you buy an outfit that is, in your opinion, very sexy, but then you wear it out and everyone is looking at you with that your-clothes-are-so-last-season look (you know that look), and you start contemplating your whole life, reflecting on all the bad decisions you’ve made, including the decision to buy an outdated outfit. What was cool last season is, apparently, an abomination this season. Who has time to keep up with all that? (Except super stars who have people working round the clock to make sure they don’t accidentally wear one pair of jeans twice.)

2. The Trends Aren’t for Everyone

Perfect example is the once-trending jean shorts. They’re really very short right. Extremely, butt-hugging-underpants kind of short. But almost everyone was wearing them (and some people still are). Personally, going out in public wearing what looks like panties made out of jeans that leave my butt cheeks out is not my thing. And just because some hot celebrities are wearing it, it doesn’t mean I can pull it of. So, again, I’m doing me.

3.Trends May Not Make You Happy

If you buy clothes only because they’re on trend and not because you like them, they may not make you happy

If you wear what makes you happy, you’ll feel good about yourself

If you feel good, ultimately, you’ll look a lot better

4. You Have to Consider Your Budget

Not everyone can afford to clean out their wardrobe whenever there’s a new trend.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t spend as much as everyone does in the fashion department.

You can’t blame yourself for not buying clothes that aren’t in your price range .

All fingers aren’t, after all, equal.

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No, they should not follow fashion ,study is the most important thing students should do .

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