Name Ideas For A Fashion Company?


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It is very difficult to come up with an actual suggestion for you as it depends on so many different things. In order to come up with a good name you will need to consider the following key points:

• Who are you targeting?
• Does the name already exist? If so choose a different one.
• Is there a website available for the name you would like?
• Is the name clear and easily understandable?
• Can you make a clear logo from the words chosen?

If you take all of these considerations into account, it will help you to determine what kind of name you need to be thinking of. For example do you want something quirky, funny, trendy, classic, intriguing, calming, unusual or clever? Are you trying to appeal to children, teenagers, adults or older people? Once you know exactly what kind of word you are looking for you can start thinking of what might work in fashion. For example, simple words like adornment, which aren't necessarily used in every day conversation but are commonly understood, can be a good basis for names. Words that are easy to say, clear to see, understandable and with letters go well together are generally good choices. You could even look into what related words are in different languages. For example, you could have the Spanish word for fashion or the French word for clothes.

Coming up with a name is definitely one of the most difficult things about starting a new company, however it is also one of the most fun. The most important thing is to have something which is right for you. Although it takes a lot of time, often the name will just click. Saying that, it has to be something you can give reason to and have faith in. Even using your actual name can be a good start, just look at DKNY, Versace and D&G.

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