Can I Get My Oklahoma Unemployment W2's Online If So What Web Site Do I Go To?


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If you do not have copies of your past W-2 forms, you can ask your previous employers for a copy, or you can order copies of your previous tax returns from the IRS. The tax return will contain the W-2 information that you are asking about. The web address for the IRS is To get information about unemployment W-2s for Oklahoma, try:
Some employers may ask to see your W-2 form prior to offering you a job. It may not be legal for them to ask for this information because different states have different laws; your state labor department will be able to answer this question for you.

However, if they do ask, and you really want the job, it could be difficult to refuse to provide it. You should remember that it is totally inappropriate for someone to make a job offer based on what your previous earnings were rather than the salary that is appropriate for this particular post.

If you are asked to provide your W-2, it might be worth asking if you are actually being considered for the position, rather than this being a standard procedure that this particular employer carries out. If you are not convinced that an offer is pending, you could say that you will provide your W-2 once you have received an offer of employment. It is also worthwhile asking what salary the position attracts so that you will know if they try to beat you down.

If you have been asked to disclose your previous salary on your application form, be honest; if you have to provide your W-2, the last thing you want to happen is to be caught out in a lie before you have even started your new job.

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