Who Are The Main Employers In Swindon?


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The main employers in Swindon are car manufacturing, banking and insurance. Engineering and pharmaceuticals are some of the other large employers. Tourism has grown and is now a flourishing industry Building societies and food distribution is a growing industry.

Amongst car manufacturers, Honda is the largest. Swindon-built Hondas have been named the most popular cars in the UK. Swindon-built Hondas topped the reliability survey in the UK and set the record for the highest British sales in one year. Another car manufacturer that has been steadily growing is BMW, located in Stratton.

Considering its total assets, Barclays PLC is the world's largest bank and one of the largest banking organizations in Swindon. Barclays offers a wide variety of banking and financial services and is one of Swindon's largest employers.

Swindon also boasts of having some of the biggest names in their respective industries situated here. Motorola is one of the leading mobile phone companies and is also one of Swindon's largest employers. One of the biggest computer companies Intel has its European head office here. There are also insurance and financial services companies like the Nationwide Building Society and the Zurich Financial Services.

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