What Are The Objective Of Personnel Management?


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Main objectives of personal management

Personnel management is based on careful handling of relationships among individuals at work and is the art of acquiring, developing and maintaining competent workforce so that the organization derives maximum benefit in terms of performance and efficiency. From the definitions quoted by various management experts in the past or present, the inference that we derive is that personnel management aim at attaining maximum efficiency and to yield maximum benefits to the organization.

To sum up basically Personnel management has certain objectives and aim to fulfil:

1. Creating a congenial and healthy environment for employees or workers to function effectively.

2. To bring about organizational and human resource developments through training, development programs or evens managerial succession planning.

3. Selection and placement of right number of people and ensuring proper allocation of duties and responsibilities upon them.

4. Creating better inter-personal relations, developing a sense of responsibility and responsiveness amongst workers and employees.

5. Boosting the morale and sense of initiative amongst employees.

6. Adopting best techniques or conceivable methods to bring best possible development of workers on work.

7. Cooperation between labor and capital as well as labor and labor.
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Ensure that there is good environment between the workers
ensure that there is develpment in the organization by training the employee
selection and placements of right no of people
making sure that they is good interpersonal skills between empoyees

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