What Are Some Interpersonal Skills?


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Listening, tone, delegation and leadership are some of the most important interpersonal skills that are listed today. It is all about how you present yourself to others and how you communicate. For example, you may be an active listener who likes to listen and then give advice to people, or you may be someone who would much rather do the talking and voice your opinion without there being any intentions of there being direct advice.

You may also have a strong tone in your voice which is going to be demanding and therefore you are going to take control of different situations and be a leader within a group. Or alternatively you may have a more soft tone in your voice which is going to be less intimidating and people may feel more comfortable around you.

There are many different ways in which people present themselves to others and this may be different with regards to them meeting someone for the first time and talking to someone they have known for years. If you are studying interpersonal skills you will certainly be going into more depth and seeing how the skills we have develop and change, but if you are simply interested as a hobby you will be surprised at how important the different interpersonal skills that we have are.

'People skills' as they are often described allow us to communicate to others and express our personalities. The interpersonal skills that we have allow people to judge us within seconds of meeting us and they are what makes us different to everyone else within the world and that we meet. Some forms of body language also come under interpersonal skills as they express how open we are with people and how comfortable we are with the company that we have.
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Basically interpersonal skills are your inner skills which can make you to do a task with some extra skills. These skills can make you competent over others. Interpersonal skills can be categorized into various types depending upon the nature of the job of an individual. For example, for a manager interpersonal skills may include Leadership, Networking and Teamwork. The further skills in leadership includes mentoring, decision making, delegating and motivating others. Basically interpersonal skills can make a person accomplish a task more perfectly as compare to the individuals who do not have same set of skills.  Most of the people think that interpersonal skills are inborn but it is a myth because interpersonal skills can be learnt and improved. Some of the interpersonal skills may include communication, listening, Fundamentals of Interaction and even Building relations. Factors which may affect these skills may vary like environment, Tendency to interpret, stress, attitude, motivation level etc.

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Interpersonal skills mean oral and written communication. The following examples or tips show how you can improve your interpersonal skills.

A. Get over yourself
B. Get to understand others
C. Listen more than you hear:
D. Understand that people actually listen to you sometimes
E. Non-verbal:
F. Practice is everything

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