What Are The Interpersonal Roles In Management?


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There are several ways of looking at the interpersonal role of a manager, although many textbooks will divide it into 3 separate categories:

  • Figurehead
  • Leader
  • Liaison
What are the types of interpersonal management?
A figurehead is someone who represents the company, calls the shots, and takes responsibility. The outcome of any employee's decisions will always reflect on the figurehead of the company.

The leadership requirements of an interpersonal manager mean that someone holding this position will need to be able to motivate and inspire their subordinates.

There are various responsibilities that fall under the leadership role of a manger, and all of the following would be included in this category:

  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Team building
Liaison is another key role of an interpersonal manager, and requires networking skills. In fact, interaction and communication is essential to a manager, who often has to act as a bridge between different levels or groups of staff.

Skills associated with interpersonal management include:

  • Listening Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Decision Making
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Interpersonal roles involve people and other ceremonial duties (figurehead, leader, and liaison).

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