What Are Managerial Skills?


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Conceptual skills
technical skills
human skills
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The skills reqire for a successful manager are cinsist:
Manage the human resource
Technical knowledge
Financial management knowledge
Portfolio management knowledge
To maintain customer permanent relationship
And much more
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The managerial skills are the quality of the manager which are found in the managers. The work need of the different organization and business requires the different skills in the managers in order to handle the business environment and to make it successful in the market. So there are different types of skills which the managers need in order to exercise the skills in the person in the different people. So managers have to deal with the lot of problem which requires special skills of the mangers in order to solve them. So when the manager counters a problem then they require some special skills in order to deal with the specific problems.

So there are many different organizations which require different skills in the people in order to get the proper job done. So the demand jobs skills of today managers are intuitiveness, work under pressure, manage the people, conflict management, crises management and motivate the people under their supervision so these are the skills which are needed in order to carry the different operations of the business. So this is the reason the manager use their skills in order to counter the problems. So this is all about the manager skills.

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