How Can You Handle An Irate Passenger?


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BEN GREGO answered
You must let them vent!! Let  them rant and rave, etc., so you can see exactly what their complaint not interrupt!!!!! When they are through, keep your voice low...and apologize, SINCERELY, for what they have been through, etc...then calmly explain that you will do your best to remedy the situation...and I'd even mention that you will ask your supervisor, also, for assistance with their problem..the main things are for you to remain calm, and very interested in what they are saying!! By keeping your voice calm and low, it helps them to slow down a little, also!! Good Luck!!!
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Let them rant and rave as long as they aren't disturbing the other passengers.  If they are disturbing the others, then try to pull them aside and talk to them in private.  It is best for your franchise to not make a scene.  Calmly explain what you can do to make the passenger happy and try to relax the irate customer.
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Passengers should not be allowed to distract the driver. If this occurs, the best course of action is to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and find out what the problem is.

Do not continue your journey until the passenger has calmed down and promises to behave. This is especially important if the irate passenger is the only other occupant of the vehicle.

Certainly take time to discuss the situation in a calm manner and get to the bottom of what is causing your passenger to be angry. There may be a perfectly good reason for their behaviour.

Perhaps the passenger is upset or annoyed. Or has something on their mind. Maybe the passenger is irate due to your driving? Is this a possibility you have considered?

Perhaps you speed, take too many risks overtaking or tail gate the vehicle in front? Maybe the passenger has realised the driver is over the drink drive limit? There could be a whole host of reasons for their discomfiture.
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What are they a passenger on? If its a bus or cab... Tell them to calm down or you will stop the vehicle and let them out... If its a plane then tell them to calm down or security will meet them at the gate when they deplane. If they have a complaint then they need to go through proper channels to resolve their no way should you have to belittle yourself by kissing their ass and letting them verbally abuse you. You can be firm and still be polite.
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Try to talk to him or her and understand what the problem is. Settle them down and tell them to relax. Make them also understand what the repercussions of their actions will be.

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