How Do You Handle An Angry Customer?


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Firstly, apologise for the customer's dissatisfaction - even if you are not at fault, the customer is still unhappy. This will generally defuse the situation and cool the anger. Then, find out *exactly* what is the problem. If it's fixable, tell the customer *exactly* what you're going to do to rectify the situation - and do what you said you'd do. If it's not fixable, offer a refund or replacement. The most important thing is the initial apology, which is really what the customer is looking for if they are angry.
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Every one hates to receive complaints from the customers but one doesn't want to lose these angry customers as well. It is possible that the angry customer may scream to resolve his problem or complaint but if the customer is handled with care and respect and listen to him carefully then that angry customer can become a loyal customer. So to increase customer relations and their loyalty,you can try to follow 'LEARN-principle' which has five step processes as follows.
• LISTEN - Listen to the customer with full attention. Customers can recognize things that you might miss and complaints will give room for improvement. Don't ask the customer to cool down and also don't interrupt him while he is telling his problem, this will only flame his anger.
• EMPATHIZE – Calm the customer by telling him that you empathize his pain.
• APOLOGIZE – Never get defensive because this will never help but always make situation worse. This is not about who is right and who is wrong. Even if you have no part in the problem just apologize to him. Do not blame the customer and don't take the blame yourself.
• REACT - Decide a plan of how to resolve the problem, and communicate with the customer.
• NOW! - Now is the time to take some action, don't delay. "The longer you wait, the harder it is to produce outstanding customer service." - WILLIAM H. DAVIDOW

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