How To Be A Better Teacher?


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A teacher is definitely considered as a second mother to students. Generally students spend most of their day at school rather than home. One of the very steps to being a better teacher is being patient towards your student. It is important that you understand the child and come down to their level as students generally hate being bossed over. You should try to be one like them.

If you are a teacher at a higher section, then definitely handling students at this level may seem a little difficult. But learning their behavior and their lifestyle could be of much more help. Secondly, alongwith being patient and polite, one has to be strict. Students are never going to listen to you, but you have to be calm and deal with the situation rightly. They will try to do just the opposite of what you say. Most importantly treat all students as equal.
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To be a better teacher, I suggest ( from being a child ) to try not to yell or give out to much homework. If the student is rude tell them . . . . . . . Or give them a lesson on good behavior. Also talk to them about what Jesus would do ( unless not catholic ) and that will be good. I know this wasn't a lot of help, sorry

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