What Does A Substitute Teacher Do?


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A substitute teacher basically is an individual who teaches class when the regular teacher is unavailable due to illness or other obligation. Thought "substitute teacher" is the commonly used phrase in America, Canada and Ireland, "supply teacher" is often applied in United Kingdom.

The experience required for a substitute teaching is usually not as strict as compared to a normal teacher. A substitute teacher may not have any training in the subject which has to be taught but might plainly be present so that the students continue doing their regular scheduled work.

The salary given to a substitute teacher usually varies according to country. In America the position is usually badly paid, with the countrywide standard being merely US $65 per day.
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When a teacher is ill or unable to teach, the school calls in substitute teachers who fill in and the teacher who is ill gives them work to give to the class. I've noticed not much students like substitute teachers and do not show the same respect as their own teacher.
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They teach classes when the regular teacher is absent
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FROM THE 1S I MET... 'squint' , 'drink on fridays' , 'walk like bishops', 'make 2nd year pupils do drama topless'!!! Lol
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I live in Florida and the county, I work in is very strict regarding "Subs". They must take a test, get finger-printed, background check, the whole kid. One must take a class offered by the county and pass it. Most of the substitutes will be asked what subject they do not wish to teach. All teachers that are absent, have the days work clearly marked as what to do. If someone is going to be out for a leave of absence due to illness, for example, someone that has taught or has been with the school system will be asked to come in. Many people think the sub is a baby sitter, that's not true. I work as a paraprofessional at the school, Middle school and I keep up with any new things happening. I also sub when needed.

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