Can You List Some College Contribution And Achievements For Your Resume?


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I have been on several hiring committees and I can tell you for certain that you must make your resume stand out from the crowd. You can do this by clearly listing any elected or appointed positions you held on university bodies, in student clubs and organizations, as well as all volunteer experience. Be sure to include all awards you received (both scholarly and non-scholarly ones) and always list any publications (articles, book reviews and website projects) that you may have. Dozens (if not hundreds) of people apply for most openings posted over the Internet, so your main goal is to make your resume stand out and catch the committee's attention. This is how you can get called in for an interview.
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Bachelors Degree
Volunteer at the hospital
Volunteer for Homeless
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Yes but internships and jobs would be most important
volunteer work would be a nice addition
college awards are great
don't list clubs but do list volunteer work
mature adults always list
work experience
community service

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Dear! Here in this you can write the contributions which you have made like a member of sports community, a member of debate community national level, scholarships in 1st and 2nd semester. You must list them in bullets. 

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