Do You Think The Kinder, Gentler Leadership Approach Works Better In Some Situations Than Others? It Is Possible That Welch And Immelt Are Both Effective Leaders?


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I think the kinder, gentler leadership approach is situational. It greatly depends on the type of employees you are working with since some need just guidance while others require tight supervision.

Yes it is possible that both Welch and Immelt are effective leaders depending the the situation each is faced with. It might be that Welch's employees are lethargic, irresponsible and don't like to work much due to which Welch has to take up the directive approach into consideration.
Whereas, Immelt's work force might be active, responsible and do love to work. Hence, Immelt's leadership style is effective in such situation.
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I think kinder, gentler leadership approach works in all kind of situation, Kinder and gentler leadership focuses on employees. At present employees are having extra impact on organization effectiveness, by focus more on them can be result into  increase in  job satisfaction which will increase profitability. So in today‚Äôs business world I can conclude that kinder, gentler leadership is a must need situation for the benefit of the organization.
Yes it is possible that both welch and welch are effective leaders. I can compare this leadership style with Autocratic vs. Democratic leadership style. Both kinds of leadership can be effective on different satiation.
From the case incident it clear that Welch was intense, brash, and directive leader. On other hand Jeff welch is outstanding for his unusual direction style. Financial times described him as unshakably polite, self deprecating and relaxed. But both of them were very in their field.

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