What Is Leadership? How Do Leaders Influence The People? World Leadership ? Drawback/?


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In its simplest sense, the word leader just means a person or thing that leads. However, when we talk about leadership qualities we mean something much more specific. To be a "natural leader" you need to be a strong character, able to make decisions quickly, and although a good leader will listen to, and sometimes follow advice, he or she can't be swayed by every opinion or intimidated by aggressive arguments. A leader must also have an aim; a plan or vision that people will follow.

How leaders influence people is a more difficult question. Many, especially those leading smaller groups, do it by the power of their personality and, often, the strength of their belief in their goal. Others may do it by a mixture of honest debate, manipulation of events to make themselves look good, bribery and threats. Obviously which methods they use will depend on the kind of society they are in charge of (democracry, dictatorship..) as well as their own personality.

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