How Have You Positively Contributed To A Team?


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Everything requires time, proper attention, hard work and a great amount of concentration. When you're playing for the soccer game at your high school finals, all you have in mind is will your team win?

Winning is all about team work. All the individuals combine their hard work for the similar goal, which is winning the game. And once the team thinks alike then there is no doubt that they will achieve their goal.

Team works needs a lot of contribution, like time, attention, proper practice. If you have time for your time you can work easily and calmly, similarly if your attention is on your team and your own individual contribution, then there is surely no stopping.

Think of your particular duty towards your team. Your mind, energy should be focused on your team. Giving time to your practice and to your team, will give you so much satisfaction. Then your team will realize your importance and you will play a major and an important role in your team. Another contribution is team unity, if there is no unity in ones team then all these efforts are useless. So it should be kept in mind that all the members should agree on one thing. And above all, if a team has unity then it has the power to fight against all odds.
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Got involved wit everything to do with the team and put 100% effort in.

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