What Are Some Negative And Positive Aspects Of Being A Registered Nurse?


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The growing and stable field of nursing offers people who enter it some of the most stable employment in the country. It also has several other advantages that make it a lucrative and desirable field. There are also a few drawbacks that anyone who is considering should be aware of such as long hours.

Nurses in all areas are in high demand will remain so for the foreseeable future, shortages abound all across the country. There are very few jobs around with the high demand and job security of nursing. You can also earn a very high salary as a nurse, with many nurses earning well over 50K annually. A nurse can also work part-time if they chose and spend more time at home with the family.

Nursing also has some serious drawbacks that should be considered before embarking on a course of study in this field. Shifts for a nurse can be twelve hours long, with most of that time spent on your feet, so it is not for people who cannot meet the physical requirements. Nurses are also the first line of defense when a person falls ill and often must deal with distraught family members. Nurses working in a care facility must also deal with the fact that some of their patients are going to pass away under their care.

Nurses also at times must help patients who are injured deal with and complete some of the most basic body functions, so it is not a job for the faint of heart. Take all of these factors into account before starting in the field of study to become a nurse, which can be costly as most programs for a registered nurse involve earning at least a four-year college degree. Nonetheless, it can be one of the best career moves you'll ever make.
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It can be a rather nasty job, after all you are dealing with sick adults a lot and they are not like children or baby's! You are overworked since there is such a health care shortage in this area. However, on the bright side you should always be able to find work as the demand is very high, the pay can only follow the demand and it should be rewarding helping sick people, not many can stomach the job!
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What are some negatives aspects of being a registered nurse?
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