How Do You Know When You Have Successfully Established Rapport With Your Customer?


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It can be quite evident when you build a rapport with a customer. Visible signs such as smiling and laughter from the customer are great clues that a connection or common ground has been achieved. There is a warmth that comes with sustained interest and eye-contact that is another great indicator a rapport has been established. When a customer takes the saleperson’s advice it can show trust that also comes with striking up a good rapport.

Making people feel special is one of the essential elements in forming good customer relationships.
You can show that you think a customer is worth your time and attention in many ways. It is this ability to show that you feel this and not just say it that makes good customer relationships.

There are 10 things customers need to establish a good rapport with a salesperson:

1.They need to feel welcome (respect, understanding)
2.They need to feel comfortable (understanding)
3.They need to be understood (understanding)
4.They need assistance (understanding)
5.They need to feel important (respect)
6.They need to be recognised (respect)
7.They need to be treated with respect (respect)
8.They need to be listened to (understanding)
9.They need prompt service (respect)
10.They need to trust you (trust)

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