What Are The Disadvantages Of Beauty Magazines To The Self-esteem Of Women?


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Beauty magazines are a psychological game. The fashion industry. Cosmetic, and diet industry use them as a ploy to reach out to women in society to dictate to them what is the "Norm" of being a woman. Small framed, beautiful, sexy, and always available. But the intellectual woman is not shown most are plain women in society. If the magazines does show a beautiful, sexy, fine woman who is smart too she is often arrogant and very rude. Magazines are a joke. Most of these women barley eat, are in the gym 4-6 days a week and are more envious of me because I eat a turkey burger, which is healthy, and I can enjoy it. Women are being taught not to love themselves but to embrace the size 0-6 stereotype. What do you see when you walk into most clothing stores and malls size 0-8, an eight if you are lucky maybe even a ten. Double digit women are not encouraged to shop and buy beautiful clothes. Magazines depicts plus size women as being unworthy. Most men go to strip clubs to see these flawless women that they do not have at home. But ask yourself why most are not married, marry several times, or just plain have to cheat with married men. If they are the definition of everything woman and fashion then why do they often get used or are just trophy wives. Not saying all are but do the research. I am a plus size woman and am guilty of the starving and asking myself why not me. My husband over many years has drilled into me that everyone is different and yes those women are beautiful, sexy and very appealing but he chose me because I am smart, loving, compassionate and possess so many other qualities. I would starve myself if he looked at a picture and he would immediately notice and stop me. He does not promote body image but men and women are attracted to the opposite sex and we can not deny that these women are all of the things listed. We just have to know who we are and have confidence in ourselves. Love ourselves and focus and being happy and healthy. Hell I love my burgers and good food. I have learned to love myself. It does promote insecurity. But as women we must rise above that.
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Beauty magazines tell you what should be, who should you be, what should you have. If a woman cannot have what the beauty magazine dictates, she will feel insecure about herself.  She will feel inadequate and therefore cannot function better.

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