What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Democratic Management?


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Democratic Management
Democratic Management is the style of management in which all the power is held by the people involved. In this kind of management, the employees choose what is best for them and their decision is respected by the management.

The advantages of this style of management are:
- It is more participative.
- The orders are delegated by the managers.
- The sub-ordinates are entrusted with responsibilities by the managers.
- Managers are the links between departments and top management.
- Acceptable work conditions are created by managers.
- There is great employee motivation.
- People are more satisfied.

The disadvantages are as follows:
- Employees might take advantage of the situation.
- Decision making can be slow because of participation of all.

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In this management style, the employees are allowed to participate in the decision making process. Whatever decision is taken is on the basis of majority consensus.


There is good communication between the subordinates and the management. When complex and important decisions need to be taken, this style is very effective as the points of view of all the people are better, hence increasing the input from people with a variety of skills.  The satisfaction level of the employees is high and this makes the quality of their work better.

The decision making process is very time consuming due to the need for consensus and agreement and this can be risky in the situations when a quick decision needs to be taken. 

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