What Are The Disadvantage Of MIS?


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Management information systems (MIS) have several disadvantages, but, overall, they still offer lots of benefits to companies. The central disadvantages of these management information systems include the work and expense of maintaining the system - updating, programming, and auditing the system will take plenty of time and effort. With the right maintenance, the system will not perform to expectations, and it will not prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Pitfalls Of MIS Systems

• When a management information system is properly maintained, it will help a company to track information, please clients, and plan business decisions based on hard data and accurate analyses. However, when the system is not maintained, the conclusions arrived at from using management information systems may not be up to par. In some cases, a poorly maintained management information system can actually harm a business, instead of helping it.
• Changes to staff and management can affect the integrity and usefulness of a management information system. Since turnover at companies can be quite high, this issue can crop up and cause problems with a management information system. Before considering the implementation of one of these systems, it's important to look at who the key players will be, and how long you expect them to be around for. Don't jump in with expensive MIS software if your management team is always shifting, and has unpredictable elements. If a team is steady and reliable, they'll be ideal people to develop and monitor a management information system.

Some computer aptitude is also necessary for running a successful management information system. If a management team doesn't have this knowledge, they will need to outsource to get it, and that can be quite expensive and time-consuming. Knowing the right people to program and get a system up and running can help to alleviate the hassles of starting a management information, or MIS, system.

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