What Is The Important Of The Information Management In Quantity Surveying?


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In Quantity Surveying, information management plays a fundamental role. As part of a quantity surveyor's job role, he or she has to take responsibility for trying to minimize the cost of a project and try to complete it within budget and at a great price. In this respect, managing information is going to play a huge part in the role.

Other aspects of the role will also require the individual to be capable of making important decisions, multitasking, working to deadlines and meeting targets. Some of the typical work activities might include:

• Understanding and adhering to any building regulations that have been put in place by local authorities.
• Keeping an eye on expenditure and ensuring the finances are managed effectively.
• Preparing contract documents or bill statements for architects on behalf of a client for example.
• Writing detailed progress reports on the project. 
• Understanding and ensuring health and safety regulations are in use.
• Offering the client advice on the typical costs involved with maintaining the building.

Of course, the above mentioned list only contains a few examples of what a quantity surveyor may do on a typical working day. On the whole though, the role requires someone who is methodical, good with recording important details, accurate and who can work under pressure while managing important information.

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