Do You Tip An Esthetician That Works In A Dermatologist's Medical Spa And If So How Much?


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Generally for the  types of services from an Esthetician, you should tip 15-20% of the fee charged.
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I have been told at Dr's office set ups and medical spas you don't tip due to the treatment is usually thrice the price as a normal day spa due to the strength of the products used.
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I actually inquired at the front desk of the office and I was told that yes, you do tip (10-20%) for "feel-good" procedures like relaxing facials. But you are not expected to tip for more "medical" procedures like laser hair removal or medical-grade peels. Hope this helps!
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In a medical office it is appreciated but not required. The prices are not always more expensive in a medical office! There are many spas that are quite a bit more expensive for simple services such as facials, but they usually can't offer the more medical services such as lasers, which because of the expense of the machines are more expensive. Medical esthetic services are also more invasive and require a more knowledgeable practitioner and post care visits which is a consideration in the price.

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