How Much Does A Dermatologist Earn?


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Although there is a lot of schooling, training, and residency to get through the salary you can make as a dermatologist makes all of that worthwhile. In the middle of the pay scale a dermatologist salary in the United States is on average $300,000 a year or approximately $143 an hour. If you work in an area where you are on the lower end of the salary of a dermatologist scale you might only make $220,000 a year or approximately$106 an hour. On the higher end of the scale you can make over $400,000 a year or approximately $194 dollars an hour.

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Depends. How many years qualified, who they work for, where they work, performance bonuses.... People working near London typically get a higher salary than outside, because of the extra costs associated with working in the capital ("London weighting"), which distorts the average figures. Some dermatologists in private practice develop lucrative specialities.

All that said, the industry expectation is that the starting salary for a fully qualified dermotologist is £20-25k (gross) per annum. After some years in the job, an annual salary of £60k would not be unusual.

That's in the UK. Dermatologists in the USA can expect to earn 2-3 times those amounts.
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The answer above is utter nonsense. The figures quoted are for junior doctors, who by their very definition are NOT specialists!

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