How Can One Teach Critical Analysis In A Class?


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Nowadays, organizations and the professional literature support critical thinking and hire teachers to help students in making good thinking skills. Teaching students to think while reading; is known as critical reading. The main parts on which teacher emphasize are: Learning to evaluate, make suggestions, and reach conclusions with some proof. Children's literature is a great means for teaching critical reading. For more, teachers should make an environment which promotes questioning. Students should be encouraged to ask question, forecast, and to sort out ideas which support value judgments. There are lots of other ways as well through which teacher can teach the students better.
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For teaching critical analysis in a class you can develop different strategies. For developing strategies you should take guidance from Richard Paul's theory of critical thinking. You should arrange such activities for the students which are related with identification of problem, interpretation of aims, and discovering the assumptions. These activities should also include different methods of reasoning, evaluation of alternatives, data examination techniques, using different paradigms and the way to present ideas.

For example, if you want to arrange an activity to teach the use of different paradigm you can give them 15 minutes to present a skit. They can play different roles and it can increase their understanding. There are a number of other activities which you can carry out and they are available on the give link:

Teaching critical thinking 
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Model it in every (meaningful) dialog you have. Ask questions that require it.

Most of public education seeks to prevent critical analysis by students. Often, home life does, too. They are asked to follow directions and to parrot. You will have to break through years of conditioning. It will take time, trust, and as much support from parents and other teachers as you can muster.

Identification of the statement(s) to be analyzed is perhaps the first step. I suggest using the categories of legitimate reservation after that.

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