How Can A Teacher Use His Teaching Assistant Effectively?


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A teacher assistant is one who assists a teacher regarding his lectures and classes. Teacher assistant is just like a learner and start working with a teacher to learn and seek more and more. He might often take lectures, conduct quizzes, assignments and other subject related stuff. He or she is not a teacher but gets respect by students just like a teacher gets because in absence of teacher, a teacher assistant might take full command.

Now your question is that how a teacher can use his teaching assistant effectively. Well, there is no hard and fast rule to make a teacher assistant work. First of all a teacher must develop a very strong state of confidence in his assistant if he sees that his assistant has lack of confidence. Another very important aspect is to check his or her knowledge by having discussions on certain topics and even he or she might be sent to deliver a lecture to the class in teacher's presence.

A teacher assistant needs full grooming if he or she wants to be a successful educationist in future. At the end of training a teacher must let his assistant to cope with the remaining course by his own. This will help a lot to develop confidence in teacher assistant to handle various situations regarding class and lectures.
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A teaching assistant (which is abbreviated as TA) is also called an educational assistant (which is abbreviated as EA). Teaching assistants are commonly found in schools in the United Kingdom. They basically support the teacher in the classroom.

A teaching assistant is not a qualified teacher himself or herself, but is guided by the teacher in the classroom. They help students in those subjects with which they are struggling, such as mathematics, science and languages.

They also get involved in working on a voluntary basis with children that have special educational needs (which are abbreviated as SEN). They listen to the children when they read aloud in class an help teachers prepare lesson plans. In addition to these responsibilities, teaching assistants must also report critical issues which arise in the class to the teacher immediately.
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TA should engage in an initial meeting with the teacher to discuss his roles with the teacher prior to starting their working relationship.

TA must communicate with teacher to establish the foundations of their relationship, particularly their own roles and responsibilities.

TA needs to ensure that they know the Learning targets prior to the lesson or at the
very latest at the start of each lesson.

TA must closely observe the teacher's way of working;
their classroom management strategies and their teaching methodology which they then reflect in their own work with the students.

TA needs to maintain a dialogue with teacher where possible.
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Teachers can make their tas effective by looking after the children if the teacher has gone for a quick bite to eat. The tas can also help in grades or paper if they can't read they never give them an answer maybe a slight word exact.
Tas can be used for decoration in the classroom
helpfulness and kindness
they can be used effectively by taking singular child off to read to help them get better
but there is many more ways for them to be effective.

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