What are the advantages of interviews?


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An interview is used in a number of situations by a multitude of people, these include prospective employers searching for new members of staff, researchers studying test subjects, and students applying for a university course.

  • Advantages of interviews
The advantage of an interview is that a person's answers and responses to a question can be properly understood. Furthermore if a question is not understood it can be rephrased or repeated. Conversely if a person was just answering questions with pen and paper they would not have this luxury and their answers may appear incoherent.

If you are the person being interviewed you can use the interview to sell yourself and project your personality; something that may prove difficult via an application or Curriculum Vitae (CV) alone.

An interview is a nerve-racking experience, therefore by being face-to-face with somebody you can can detect their true personality and try to put them at ease, something that is not possible if they were taking a formal test.

Similarly you can choose to steer the interview away from certain subjects and also focus more intently on others.

Interviewing a prospective candidate tends to have a higher success rate in the long run. If you are likely to be working with this person as an employee, it is recommended that you meet the person before hiring them.

  • Disadvantages of interviews
Unfortunately with advantages do come some disadvantages. Interviews can be time consuming and if you have a high number of applicants or interviewees it can also be costly for a business.

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