What Are The Career Options After Plus Two Science Than Medicine And Engineering?


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Apart from medicine and engineering, there are a number of alternative career options that you could consider moving into in the future instead. These could include, but are not limited to:

• Nursing
• Zoology
• Biochemistry
• Biotechnology
• Dentistry
• Pharmacy
• Occupational therapy

Having taken Plus Two Science, it could also be possible to change towards a completely non-science related course at degree level. People who have taken Plus Two Science have moved on to take degrees in a number of diverse areas that are not strictly related to the content of the science course that they had previously studied. Courses that Plus Two Science students have gone on to studies include areas such as commerce, banking, management, languages, media and teaching.

Taking a strong academic course like Plus Two science should mean that your career options remain fairly open after you have completed the course. Although medicine and engineering are the two most obvious, common and popular career options, they are by no means the only career routes that are available to you. You should not feel pressurized into pursuing medicine or engineering if it is not a career you will enjoy. You are still in a strong position to pursue whatever career option appeals to you - you have time on your side in your career ahead of you.

Most schools and colleges have specialist career advisers who can help guide you towards a career option that interests you. Failing that, there are plenty of books that can provide you with useful tips. Entering a phrase like 'career options', 'career guidance' or 'job ideas' should provide you with a wealth of resources and websites that may give you inspiration to help give you ideas for the future.
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Thanks for Asking..!!

Deciding career after 12th is really hard. Many students get confused which field is better & have good career opportunities, job securities.

But it should be decided very carefully. Because the future depends on this decision.

Well,  the students who take Science subject, their main target is to become Engineer or Doctor.

But Except Engineering & Doctor, there are many other professions available.

B.Sc. + M.Sc. Will also help you to get a successful career.

The Best option which comes in my mind after Engineering & Medical is Research career.

If Science is the subject of your interest & you want to get good job opportunities & Reputed work, then go for Research field.

For this you have to prepare for CSIR NET Exam. Which is the national eligibility test, conducted for science students who are  willing to pursue your career further as a Junior Research Fellow or an Assistant Professor.

You can also go for Management Courses like - BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management), BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) etc.

As we all know that management courses are in very demand. So you can think about it.

B.C.A. - Bachelor of Computer Applications is also a degree course of 3 year duration in which you have to learn about Computers, software and applications, programming languages etc.

After completing BCA/ MCA , you can get a job in private as well as Government sectors of Software developer, Computer Engineer etc.

B.Arch. - Bachelor of Architecture

It is a 5 year course in which you read about lanning and construction of homes, buildings, commercial structures, public utility structures etc.

You can get a job of Consultant, Planning & Design professional, Chief Architect etc.

Other career options are -

B.Pharmacy. , B.B.A., Navy courses , Diploma courses (Biotechnology, Jewellery Designing, Interior Designing, Event Management etc)

I hope it will help you.

Best of Luck :)

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There are many courses you can do after +2. Here is an article I found for you:- https://www.examsplanner.in/top-courses-after-12th

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There are many courses you can do after +2. Here I found a usefull article for you:- https://www.examsplanner.in/top-courses-after-12th

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