What Are The Different Career Options For An Electrical Engineer?


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You may join in M.Tech by writing gate or you may settled in your life by finding a job in a communication department like reliance . You may also go abroad to complete the MS.
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Electrical engineering or electronic engineering is a professional engineering discipline which involves the study of electricity, as well as the application of electricity, electronics and related topics. The area first started to be noticed as a concrete profession towards the end of the 19th century with the advent of the electric telegraph and power supply. Today the field has advanced to a great extent, spanning diverse areas within the field like digital electronics, artificial intelligence, signal processing etc.

Electrical engineers are in charge of a diverse array of technological applications, such as the designing, development, execution and supervision of the operation of electrical structures and gadgets.

Electrical engineers may be involved in the functioning of electric power stations, the development of telecommunication structures etc. Careers in electrical engineering are as diverse as the area itself, they may be found in a laboratory of a fabrication plant, or even on site in a mining area.

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