Describe The Various Aspects Of Police Operations?


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The main police operations can be divided into the following categories:

  • Rapid response
    Rapid response can be argued to be the most key and vital of police operations. Examples of rapid response situations would be robberies, murders or car chases. There is a great need for the police to act immediately as the criminal is usually still at large and so needs to be found and arrested before any more crimes can be committed.

    Sometimes rapid response is there to calm and reassure people. In the majority of cases, the incident has already happened and so although the police cannot do a lot at the time. However, their mere presence can be very reassuring to the public and may prevent further incidents in that area.
  • Routine patrol
    Routine patrol is more the bread and butter of police operations. As stated above, simply having a police presence can dramatically reduce crime and give the public a feeling of safety and control. Routine patrols can consist of the police simply walking around areas that are known crime hotspots and addressing any issues they may come across.

    Routine patrols can also be in the police car, driving down roads or motorways looking for people who may be speeding or driving without a license or insurance.
  • Undercover operations
    Undercover operations are another important aspect of policing. It is obvious that a policeman dressed in his uniform will certainly scare any potential criminals off. If the police wish to catch criminals red-handed then they obviously need to use  stealthier actions. Therefore, wearing plain clothes and pretending to be a normal member of the public can gain a lot more evidence.
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Describe the three traditional methods of police operations. In your opinion, are these methods effective?
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1) Random routine patrol  2) Rapid Response to citizens to call 911  3) Retroactive investigation of past crimes by detectives.
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1. Random routine patrol
2. Retroactive investigation of past crimes by detectives
3. Rapid response to citizens to call 911

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