How Can I Describe A Policeman?


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A person who has an access to the guns and often carries around loads of rifles.

Policemen are cool, once I wanted to become an officer but my mother told me not to because It's a very dirty job and you don't want to spend your life chasing the criminals. As there are many other career choices which will give higher life quality.

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A person who wants to serve their community. They not only enforce the laws but to give aid to those who need it. Most are involved in making their community better in their off hours as well.

Many of you heard about the officer gunned down in Orlando, Florida earlier this week. She was not only some involved in a shoot out, but a 17 year veteran of the force. She helped start a program for at risk teens. It is a rather successful program at that.

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A man or woman, tazer, handcuffs, pistol, two spare mags, shotgun next to the computer in the cruiser, ar-15 in the trunk.

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