Out Of Mintzberg's Three Types Of Managerial Roles, Which Do You Think Has Become More?


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According to Dr. Henry Mintzberg, there are three types of roles which a manager usually does in any organization.

 Interpersonal Roles
 Informational Roles
 Decisional Roles

In my opinion the most important Managerial roles for New-style Manager is “Decisional Roles” because Decisional roles involve making significant decisions that affect the organization.

Global Village
Today ever changing world of globalization and competition the only thing that creates the difference is change and innovation which is a part of Mintzberg decisional roles.
Variety of Technology
Technology has made this world a global village, for new-style mangers entrepreneur thinking, resource allocation at the same time handling the disturbance when ever it may happen and most importantly making rational decisions.
Modern managers have to frequently take decisions about Human Traveling and transportation of goods. As, there are No. Of options available in these days for connectivity through Rail, Roads or Air.
Dealing with Financial Institution
In these days Financial Markets offer very complex solutions for Financing and also offering complex deals so, Modern Mangers have to take frequent decisions in dealing with Financial Institutions.
Economic Boom
With Economic Boom World Wide Trade activities have reached at there peek, so, Modern Managers have to take Decisions for Make or Buy Decisions, Investment Decisions and Hedging Decisions.

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