What are the ten managerial roles identified by mintzberg?


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   1. FIGUREHEAD: The manager performs ceremonial and symbolic duties as head of the organisation;
   2. LEADER: Fosters a proper work atmosphere and motivates and develops subordinates;
   3. Liason: Develops and maintains a network of external contacts to gather information;
   4. MONITOR: Gathers internal and external information relevant to the organisation;
   5. DISSEMINATOR: Transmits factual and value based information to subordinates;
   6. SPOKESPERSON: Communicates to the outside world on performance and policies.
   7. ENTREPRENEUR: Designs and initiates change in the organisation;
   8. DISTURBANCE HANDLER: Deals with unexpected events and operational breakdowns;
   9. RESOURCE ALLOCATOR: Controls and authorises the use of organisational resources;
  10. NEGOTIATOR: Participates in negotiation activities with other organisations and individuals.

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