What Will I Do After Doing MBA [Masters In Business Administration (Specialization In Finance)]?


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I m a defence person.I m taking retirement.I have completed 15 years in navy.I have completed bba   and mba in marketing field.now what kind of jab I could apply?
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An MBA degree include training, coursework, reports, presentations, and also other group projects, all of which trained you enough to take care of the real-life business situation. But still if you want to get further studies after doing MBA in finance then I would suggest you to go for either CFA or CA. These two fields are very in nowadays and are given equal importance as Doctorate degree. As you have already done your MBA so there might be a chance that they exempt some of your courses.

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A good MBA degree consist of training, coursework, reviews, presentations, and additionally other group tasks, all of that trained you enough to deal with the what does mba stand for real-life company situation. But still if you wish to get further research after doing MBA within finance then I recommend you to choose either CFA or even CA. These two fields are extremely in nowadays and therefore are given equal significance as Doctorate level. As you have done your MBA so there can be a chance they exempt some of the courses.

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Once you are done with your MBA in Finance, there are a number of different employment opportunities that you can avail and make use of once you pass this degree. There are various banks in which you can apply in order to get a proper job related to different finance operations as well as in different insurance companies. Nonetheless, almost every other company requires expert and qualified people in their finance department to help them manage their expenses and costs efficiently www.onlineuaeuniversities.com/in-focus/mba-program-in-focus/

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