What Should I Write For The Personal Objective Of A CV In The Business & Finance Category?


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One sentence is good for your personal objective by using the keyword of the position you are applying for. You must use correct grammar.

In my opinion, you should write your personal objective as follows;

Career oriented position as a Finance Assistant in a challenging
organization where I can utilize my  qualification,
knowledge, skills and
experience to extend my full commitment to the organization
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Mary Frederick answered
An objective is a reason, for which you chose to do or not to do something. In your case you decided at some point to study Business and Finance. You went to college, worked hard, acquired a lot of knowledge. Now you are seeking
employment. What do hope to acquire by using the knowledge and skills you now possess?

Ask yourself, Why did I study Business and Finance instead Psychology and Sociology? Why did I make this choice? What do I believe I can acquire by the choice I made? The answer to these questions points to your objective at this point in your life. Only you know, what your objective is. What do you expect to gain from the jobs, for which you will apply? Your objective statement for  your CV is your objective, stated in a simple, concise sentence in the Professional Objective section of your CV.

Example: Professional Objective
To find a challenging position, which compliments and
  expands my competencies, skills, education and
  experience in Business and Finance.

Go to the link below and look at the sample CV's on this page. There are many samples here including sample CV"s for Business and Finance.

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The covering letter and resume submitted for a job in the business and finance industry differs from those sent for other placements. To be a part of the business and finance category or industry, it is very important to be focused and dedicated. There is no dearth of optional candidates available and if the initial approach is not impressive, you may be sidelined without any further consideration.

The resume for this category should be industry specific in design. All the information should be precise and supported with sufficient documentation and proof. When specifying your personal objective in the resume, you need to keep in mind that the employer needs to identify you as a person for whom the organizational profit is more important than the individual. The business and finance industry is a sensitive one and the attitude of the employee also determines the altitude of his career graph. You should consider opting for one of the many professionals, who design industry specific resumes. For a nominal fee, they draft your resume in a way that is specified by the industry you are venturing into. Some good one-liners as personal objective include:
- To ensure that the company I represent makes it to the TOP 5 in the industry.
- To define personal achievement within the paradigms set by the company.
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