If Your Boss Is Less Qualified Than You, Will You Work Under Him/her?


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Well! It all depends on which type of organization you are going to. If you are going to an bureaucratic organization then you must follow him and if you are going in to a decentralized organization, then you can give suggestions and participate in decision making. The idea is that you should follow him according to his position and if you find him somewhat flexible then do give your suggestions.

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And it depends on what type of work you do.  A manager in a facility doesn't have to weld better than you or know more about electronics than you or whatever special skill.  he has to look at the bigger picture.
But if your boss is directly in charge of you and your technical work and has bad judgment in that work or doesn't really understand the work, you may be put in the position of doing things wrong because you have to follow orders.  In this scenario, get out as fast as you can or you will be in the position of being responsible but have no control.

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