What Is The Function Of A Financial Manager, And What Are His/Her Objectives?


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Essentially Financial Management entails directing, organising, planning and controlling the financial activities (for example procurement and utilisation of funds) of an enterprise. These tasks are either performed by or undertaken with instructions from the Financial Manager.

You can break financial management into five key areas, financial planning, investment project appraisal, financial decisions, capital market operations and financial control.

Financial planning affords the means, through appropriate planning and projecting, to evaluate proposed courses of action. Correspondingly financial control manages the ways and methods by which the plans are realised. The following two tasks; investment project appraisal and financing decisions are seen by many as the two most important tasks in Financial Management.

Investment project appraisal is the accurate assessment and careful evaluation of the comparative powers of a company's investment intentions.

The financing decisions involve the identification and selection of fund sources that will provide the money to be invested into the nominated projects.

A large part of finance is obtained through the capital market, so the finance function has to deal with the capital market. Equity owners, the ordinary shareholders, play a significant role.

This capital market operation does not simply deal only with the raising of funds but also with the ongoing rapport between the company and the market place; any data scattered amongst the capital markets affects the market's perception of the company and the price of the company's shares, and thus wealth of the shareholder for better or for worse.

If you require further reading I recommend Brealey, R.A., S.C. Myers and A.J. Marcus Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. (McGraw-Hill Inc, 2007) especially Chapters one, two and three.

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The main objective of financial management is to maximize the value of firms. It can be also viewed that the objective of financial management is to maximize the wealth of the shareholders. Financial management also aims to ensure that the resources of the company are being allocated rightly. In fact the companies have very limited resources therefore, for the allocation of the resources proper management is required and it is possible only through financial management. Financial management also helps the managers to determine the possible investments for the company. Moreover, the companies can determine their costs of funding through the methods used in financial management.
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Function of financial manager
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Functions of financial management
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Financial Management allows the financial managers to manage the liquidity, cash, investments and movement of funds. Financial manager should be fully equipped with financial management in order to do pros/cons of the decisions related to the investments. Financial management enables individuals to calculate profitability, do risk analysis, manage company's investment portfolio, hedging and risk diversification which lead to the fulfillment of company's ultimate goal of share holder's wealth maximization.
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The finance manager has to perform two functions mainly executive and incidental.   
1. Executive functions include estimating and controlling cash flow,establishing an asset management policy,deciding upon sources of finance,carrying negotiation for outside financing,determining allocation of profits,checking upon financial performance.
2.incidental functions include taking care of routine financial data,reporting and record keeping,maintaining of cash balance,custody of balance
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Define the following terms and identify their role in finance:
   A. Finance
   b. Efficient Market
   c. Primary Market
   d. Secondary Market
   e. Risk
   f. Security
   g. Stock
   h. Bond
   I. Capital
   j. Debt
   k. Yield
   l. Rate of Return
   m. Return on Investment
   n. Cash Flow
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The main activities that are in the job description of a financial manager are :
  • Working on financial models
  • Preparation of accounts and reconciliations
  • Looking at budgets
  • Monitoring cash flows
  • Forecasting based on financial information
  • Strategy formulation based on financial conditions.

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Actualy Financial management simply means management of finance. But if we are considering in an extent manner it means the control,procedures,decisions regarding the investment policy of the firm or capital mixture decision policy..
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