I Need A Job Somewhere That Will Hire 17-Year-Olds. Does Anyone Know Where I Could Get A Job (Besides A Fast-Food Restaurant)? 


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Looking for a job can be tough, regardless of what age you are. Things can be even more difficult if you are 17 because you won't have the experience that some older job seekers might have.

To give yourself the upper-hand, I would suggest being really positive and dedicated in your approach for work.

If an employer sees a young person who is enthusiastic, energetic and determined, they are likely to give them a chance.

Jobs for teenagers As the mother of a teenage daughter, I know how important it is for young people to get some freedom, independence and pocket money!

Because of this, I'd always encourage teenagers to go out looking for work.

Here is a couple of tips I would give to any teenagers out there looking for work, regardless of whether you are 15 or 19.

How to apply for a job when I'm only a teenager Six simple tips that will really help you find work:

  • Don't be disheartened- looking for the right job might take a while, especially if it's your first job. In reality, it's just a numbers game - the more places you apply to, the more likely you are to hear from someone. Always make sure you leave your details, even if a place isn't currently hiring. The chances are something might come up in the future.
  • Set yourself apart- A popular record store with a sign in the window saying 'looking for staff' will probably have many teenagers applying to work there. Try and target potential employers who might not be sifting through as many applications.
  • Don't be afraid to contact people. Face to face often gives the best impression, but over the phone works too. The quickest way to find work is by going out there and meeting people! For example, if you're interested in working in media, why not visit relevant companies directly?Finding adverts online is great, but don't hesitate to contact people who don't say they are recruiting.
  • Smile and enjoy it. This might sound over-simplistic, but employers love people who are enthusiastic and confident. Nothing says that more than a great smile.
  • Do your research and know what you're talking about. For example, if you were applying for a job in a sushi restaurant, mentioning some of your favorite Japanese dishes would really impress the person dealing with your application.
  • Dress the part. It might sound obvious, but employers will immediately be attracted to someone who fits the 'image' of the company. If you're applying to work in a bank for example, don't wear Bermuda shorts and flip-flops when you meet the manager.

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Payless, dots, claires, icing, sears, kmart, target, sweetbay I think, kfc, popeyes, forever21, coldstone, petsmart, petco, chilis, cvs, walgreens, that's all I know so far. Hope I helped.
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I'm only 15, but I've done a lot of research on the internet about this.

There are plenty of opportunities out there.  But I feel that the first step is to find out what you like to do. 

Because if you like sports and you work at Burger King, you won't be as happy as you could be.
If you like sports and are good at one, try working at a summer day camp, there are lots!  Of course there are the restaurants, but if you want a place that's a bit better, work in a store (Macys, Mervyns, Target, Kmart...) 

If you like teaching, work at a child day care center.  If you enjoy doing video games, work at a game store.  If you like reading, work at a book store or library. 

For almost every interest/ hobby, there's a job related to that, you just have to figure out what your hobby is and what kind of job is related to that hobby.  Because your still a teen, the best way would be to just go up to the place and try to get a job. 

But be prepared, some jobs like stores only require a sign up online, when other jobs require a interview or talk with the employer. 

For ones that require a talk, you should do some research ahead of time, as in search the company you want to work for online and find out some things about them including but not limited to their:motto, the employer's name. 

Before the interview, you should go to the place and look at the people who work there and see how they dress, some companies like fancy dress, others don't really care, and sports camps probably want you dressing in sports clothes, so see how the workers dress and act. 

The chances of needing a interview are slim at this age, but if needed this is what you should do.
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Listen, check out some job sites. I'm sure there is a lot of work for minors now. Of course, you won't get a big salary, but it's better than nothing. I advise you to click here. This is one of my favorite job search sites. Overall, it's great that you already want to start working because it will bring you income and work experience.

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Try a pro-shop or any retailer. If you like animals, try PetCo or PetSmart or a company like that.
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Surely there are lots of places to try!
How about getting a job at a gas station or a garage, or working with a removals company?  Or at a hair salon/barber shop?  Or a coffee shop? 

If you can drive, perhaps you could get a job as a courier or delivery person?

Best of luck!
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Those jobs only hire 18 and older I'm only 17.
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Oh I didn't know that they only hire 18+. Hope you get something that suits you. What about a shop? Don't they hire from age 16+ ? A lot of stores will be hiring for Christmas staff now.
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Have you tried freelance writing via the internet? Check the classified jobs websites for companies looking for freelance writers.

Also try just dropping into shops/resturants etc and asking for work, if you knock on enough doors you'll find something.

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