How Many Years Dose It Take To Become A Registered Nurse?


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When considering becoming a nurse, it’s more a matter of knowing which kind of course you want to take, before you find out how long it takes to become a registered nurse. Furthermore, it depends on what kind of nurse you actually want to become. Overall, however, you can generally assume that the process will take between two and four years.

If you’re looking at getting involved with an Associates Degree in nursing, and you’ve never had any kind of nursing experience before, it generally takes two years to complete your Registered Nurse associates degree. Out of this, one year will be for your pre-requisites, which are all the subjects relating to nursing, and another year that relates to your medical knowledge, including clinical, microbiology, biology, chemistry and more.

Another option is taking a Bachelor of Science degree. This will take a grand total of four years to complete, with intensive learning, and much more on your curriculum. So if you’re starting out without any prior medical knowledge to back up your education, it will take you four years so that you can complete your Bachelor of Science degree. If you already have experience in the field of science and medical sciences, then it will take just two years to complete your Registered Nurse associates degree.

There are a couple of other options, too. An LPN is a Licensed Practical Nurse degree, found within vocational schools, which take 14 months. In some states it’s known as an LVN.

An RNP is possible, too, and this stands for a Registered Nurse Practitioner. This is a regular nurse course with another two years of education on top. RNPs can give examinations, diagnose patients, and prescribe medication as long as they are working with a licensed physician.
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I'll be a senior in high school and I have always wanted to be a Registered nurse. Its just that I haven't really gave it my all the past three years... I feel like its too late for me to start caring. I mean, ill do everything I can so that I can reach my lifetime goal to become an RN. Ive already taken this health occ. Course my junior year in High school so that I can be a Certified Nursing Assistant, and I've been registered to test for a while now. I just have to find the time to take it. So I guess what I'm getting at is, should I give up, or go on with my dream. And if it takes only two years to become one, like most of you are saying, then I think I've got what it takes. Let me know guys. Thanks! (:
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If you are already a Licensed Practical Nurse, you may "bridge" to a Registered Nurse Degree with one more year of schooling. If not, you can obtain a 2 yr. Associates's Degree in nursing and sit to take the RN boards to become a Registered Nurse. If you prefer, you may gain entrance to a Bacculaureat Nursing Program and after four years, take the state boards also. No matter which path you choose, the state board exam is the same for all graduates. Some places pay a little more money for a 4-yr. Degree. If you want to eventually teach nursing students, you will want to pursue a 4 yr. Degree. If you have no desire to teach, it will not pay to go four years because the difference in pay is minimal and in most places there is absolutely no difference. Good Luck with your endeavors!
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Ohh it is very simple first you to clear the recurement of the nursing councl of your country then you have to take admission and continue 3 years medical practices then you will able to become a registered nurse and practice like a profession nurse so it is just that simple.
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It depends on the state you are working in and also on the type of degree you take. Normally it takes around two years of practice after your education to become a registered nurse.
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