What Skills Does A Pharmacist Need?


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An effective Hospital Pharmacist should:
􀂾 be able to communicate to a wide group of people
including senior management, consultants, doctors,
nurses and patients;
􀂾 be able to work in a team with doctors, nurses and other
health care professionals;
􀂾 be able to take complex information and put it into simple
terms for the patient to understand;
􀂾 have a meticulous attention to detail;
􀂾 be alert at all times and be able to concentrate for long
periods of time;
􀂾 maintain their professional development and be up-to date
with new developments;
􀂾 as their career progresses, be assertive in committee
meetings and have an ability to express a point of view
for their team;
􀂾 have good report writing and research skills;
􀂾 care for people;
􀂾 be sensitive to the patient’s needs and when conducting
home visits, respect the privacy of their homes;
􀂾 be able to work to strict timelines under pressure.

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