How Much Salary For Assistant Loco Pilot?


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The average salary for an assistant loco pilot can be anything from around 5200 rupees to 20200 rupees to earn additional grade pay. However, it is not a job that anyone can simply stroll into. It is a vigorous selection process that requires potential candidates to meet the criteria set by establishment:

  • Am I eligible?

The first thing potential candidates must be aware of is the age band that is preferred by many establishments. They ask for their applicants to be between the ages of 18 and 30 years.

In addition to this, applicants should carry a valid educational for Matric or another certificate of the same merit. They must also have an IT1 or diploma in any branch of engineering.

  • Applying

In order to apply for a position as Assistant Loco Pilot, potential candidates must send their application form along with 40 rupees to the relevant area within the establishment. If they are contacted it means they have been successful and will begin making their way through the selection process.

  • The selection process

Once all the applicants have been gathered, it is time to begin the selection process. This involves applicants sitting two written examinations under timed conditions. In addition to this, they must also complete a personal interview with a member of staff. This is where the company will find out more about the applicants as people, check their previous job and educational information and observe what they are like more on a personal level.

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