Describe How Primitive People Taught Their Young About Life And The Human Skills Needed To Survive In What Then A Difficult World?


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Primitive people were mostly nomadic having to move from one spot to another in order to follow the food. Even back in this time the concept of the "survival of the fittest" was around. In fact, for most primitive peoples it was all about who could learn to survive and be strong enough to survive. Youth that could not survive were often left or ended up dying early. Given the parameters of survival of the fittest it was necessary to provide hands on training.

Part 1:
* Young people were taught about life through stories. Primitive people did not have the concept of writing. A lot of the primitive artwork we see was used to teach youths. It was mostly through stories passed down from elder to youth that taught life lessons.
* Hands-on-training was a way of life. There was no school room to learn how to survive. Instead nature was the school room. Youths were taught the hard way about life such as how to survive, have children, find food, etc.

Part 2:
* The skills needed to survive were often taught in hands-on experiences. When possible fighting skills were trained but when on the move it was kill or be killed. Any youth who could not fight to survive would not make it.
* Youths were taught what to look for and how to look for food by doing. Parents would take the youths with them wherever they went. If camps were set up then some youths would stay behind to help the camp, while others would hunt.
* Hunting parties were formed with hands-on experience necessary. At the camps it was often the women and younger children gathering berries and other necessities.
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To kill the animals and have them as their food

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