As A Care Person's Advanced Care Directives Are Being Carried Out According To Care Plan, How Might This Impact On The Carer?


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Advanced care directive may influence a carer when they are carried out according to specified advance care planning. Often, these plans outline detailed guidelines for decisions about health care for a certain person. The future carer of this person may be a nurse, family member, guardian, etc.

The demands of fulfilling an advanced care directive can include:

• Stress
• Specialized medical care
• Financial stipulations
• Assisted Living Arrangements

These directives are usually laid out while a person is still well enough to look after his or herself. Any person is legally able to create an advanced care directive regarding their future heath care. For example, someone may decide that they do not want to have their life sustained through "unnatural" means, such as life-support machines. In this case, there will be a written codicil that stipulates the non-use or removal of life support machines, even when death is clearly imminent. People may design advanced care directives based on their religious or spiritual beliefs; in other cases, they may simply want to ensure that their preferred guidelines are followed when they are mentally or physically incapacitated.

Sometimes, carers (caregivers) will need to do what they don't want to do when they look after people according to the stipulations of an advanced care directive. For example, they may love the person they are looking after, and be forced to agree to the disconnection or non-use of life support, even though they dearly wish to extend the life of that person through any possible means. The emotional trauma associated with refusing life support for someone (according to their own directives) is definitely one of the sad pitfalls of the advanced care plans. However, they do guarantee that a person's final wishes are carried out when they can no longer speak for themselves.
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