17. To review the Army's current information on deploying 802.11 and 802.16, one should review the Army ___________ on Wireless Security Standards?


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From what you have mentioned from the Army Wireless Security Standards, I have only been able to find information on the matter that dates back to 2009.

  • What is the Army Wireless Security Standards?
This program is designed to help give members of the Army relative information regarding the security of using wireless technologies in practice. They have to ensure that everything is used based to the requirements of the Department of Defense as well as meet the guides of the Defense Information Systems Agency.

  • Requirements
It is very important that the specific requirements are met in terms of administration when it comes to the Army Wireless Security Standards. Everything will have to be approved so it sets with the implementations of the current army. It is incredibly vital that all the criteria is met so all the agencies over the army base can use the systems without any trouble.

  • Where does it apply to?
The Wireless Security Standards applies to all the networks and systems that are implemented across all Army bases as well as every single thing that is owned by the Army. Moreover the standards also apply to everything that the Army stores or transmits to other bases.

However, the program does not cover all information bases systems of special intelligence items such as Sensitive Compartmented Information as well as Signals Intelligence. For these separate programs, especially the Information Systems, they must meet the criteria of the Director of Central Intelligence.

  • Importance of approval
It is vital that the wireless networks are approved and accredited before they are put into use through the DOIMs LAN. If the systems do not get approved then the wireless networks and so on are not permitted to go into use and they must be removed.
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At a guess, guidelines, rules or something similar would make sense. However, if you have to find a specific word you will probably have to get hold of the original document that you are being tested on, as no one here is likely to know for sure what the original sentence was.

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