The following are wireless deployment mistakes to avoid, except for?


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The answer you're looking for is "Failure to use a base64 password, allowing the admin to seamlessly integrate authentication protocols" although you didn't ask the full question and I had to go searching the internet for it.

Next time you ask something like "The following are wireless deployment mistakes to avoid, except for?", always ask yourself what the following wireless deployment mistakes actually are ;)

A more robust list of mistakes that you should avoid when wirelessly deploying can be found on:

For example, the site lists the following as examples of common failures to watch out for:

  • "Failure to use authorized wireless equipment, as listed on the Army’s IA Tools list (found at: )
  • Failure to perform firmware updates and patch management activities on wireless equipment
  • Failure to configure and periodically change wireless equipment passwords as determined by AR 25-2
  • Failure to configure adequate authentication AND encryption (per Army and DOD Policy)
  • Failure to physically secure the access point (and access point controllers)
  • Allowing users to bring in devices from home and setup their own personal (ad-hoc) unauthorized workstations and networks
  • Failure to monitor the wireless network, or configure monitoring, to identify rogue access points and other wireless clients"

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