How dose The Importance Of The Equal Opportunities Legislation Affect The Work Of An Administrator?


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It can often make life hard for an administrator if the company is trying to constantly avoid any complaints to the EEOC. If there is an employee that consistently uses their ethnicity or age as an excuse to get away with things, it can be difficult for employers to take action against the employee for fear of being reported to the EEOC.

  • What the legislation does
The EEOC enforces laws like the Equal Pay Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The agency is also there to handle any discrimination complaints for any violations of laws stated above. The EEOC goes about investigating the discrimination claims that are filed by people who think they are not being treated fairly.

Complaints could include being asked illegal questions concerning national origin or age during job interviews that have resulted in the individual not being offered a job, the person can also go about filing a complaint for sexual harassment in the workplace through the EEOC, and can also apply for support when being underpaid in a discriminative manner.

The EEOC offers mediation in order to resolve dispute between employees, job applications and the company. The agency can also take legal action against all these companies for violating the EEOC policies. If many similar complaints are provided to the EEOC by one company, then the EEOC has a duty to follow up the complaint and take appropriate action.

The EEOC is also able to protect employees from any retaliation that companies might have against them for filing complaints. Unions and other activities are used to ensure that all employees are treated well at their workplace.

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