Ellen claims her job is so easy she goes to work to relax after a busy weekend. She says she'll never retire. Using Herzberg's theory of motivation?


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Herzberg's theory of motivation is all about the ways job satisfaction and dissatisfaction affect employees in the workplace. Since Ellen has no issues with her workload, she finds that being at work is very pleasant and relaxing. According the Herzborg's theory, finding work to be easy is not usually a primary factor in job satisfaction - instead, people usually point to recognition, growth, and positive relationships with co-workers when they talk about what makes them happy at work. Conversely, issues with bosses or colleagues and lack of recognition tend to create job dissatisfaction. In order to apply the theory to this example, we'd need to assume that Ellen feels valued and recognized at work, and that her relationships with others are very positive.

  • Learning more

Studying the theory in depth is the best way to pinpoint all of the ways that this example fits the elements of job satisfaction found in Herzberg's theory. On the Internet, there are many articles and other resources written about the theory and how it can be applied to business management, human resources, and business planning. To use the theory effectively, learning business as well as psychology can be an important way to grasp the intricacies of the theory and how it relates to motivation, growth, and the overall happiness of employees in any business or company.

  • Inspiring employees

To inspire staff, plan your business strategies according to the positive elements on Herzberg's list; in other words, practice team building, motivational techniques, and incentives that make employees feel listened to, valued, and rewarded.

By tapping into the psychological elements of job satisfaction, you can create a workplace where the vast majority of staff is content most of the time. Of course, there will always be issues, but these can be minimized with the right management techniques.

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