Kathy is working her way through college. She has a job at Burger Fast where she makes an annual salary of $12,500. What is her biweekly gross pay?


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M.C. Salmen answered
$480.77 every 2 weeks.  This is gross pay, before ANY deductions.
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$12,500/26 ≈ $480.77

The amount will depend on details of Burger Fast company policy. The above amount assumes the annual salary is divided among the number of paychecks received in a year (26 most years). If pay is divided by 261 work days (including holidays) and multiplied by 10 days per pay period, her gross may be
  $12,500/26.1 ≈ $478.93
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Ryan Rugraff answered
I don't do math for people but I do offer help. Okay so first you have to figure how many biweekly is (meaning every two weeks). There are 52 weeks in the year. After you get how many paychecks she is going to recieve, then you use the total salary divided by the number of pay-periods.

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