If you received an annual salary of $33,500 paid monthly, what would your gross pay be each period?


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Ryan Rugraff answered
Determine the length of the "period' then divide total pay by number of periods.
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John answered
That would be determined by your hours or salary per week or your contract .in other words they could pay you all at once or give you a monthly salary minus your state taxes,ss,deductions.so I don't know what you have set up with your payroll accounts department in order to decide what you receive each month.dividing by 12 months and then taking out a possible 33 percent for deductions,taxes you could make as much as 1875 dollars a month to 2000 a month depending on how you set it up and where you live.then you would possibly receive 1200-1500 back on your tax return if you are single or itemize.but that would also depend on what you do now to arrange your deductions on your payroll with your accounting department where you work.blah blah means I could go on but you get the idea. : )

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