What Is The Starting Salary (monthly Gross Salary) Of An Indian Forest Officer ?


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Pay scales in the Indian Forest Services are around eight thousand rupees to around thirteen thousand five hundred rupees for juniors. The salaries for those belonging to the Junior Administrative Grade are between twelve thousand and sixteen thousand rupees. The salaries for selection grade are starting at fourteen thousand three hundred and are upwards to eighteen thousand three hundred rupees. In this category a Conservator of Forests from between sixteen thousand four hundred rupees to twenty thousand rupees and additional Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Conservators of Forests range from eighteen thousand four hundred and twenty two thousand four hundred rupees.

These salaries are based on 1996 estimates and these salaries may vary from state to state. You could log on to persmin.nic.in/Acts_Rules/payrules/ifspayrules.pdf for details regarding pay scales, perquisites, amenities etc.

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